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Skaitos kompiuterių servisas

Portfolio integration

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In close cooperation with UAB "Registrų centras" supported by the developers of the eSąskaita, we together with UAB "Sistemų integracijos sprendimai" have developed a fully automated solution for the delivery of eSąskaita to companies selling goods and services to the public sector.

Our customers will now automatically and directly submit their invoices to the system Documents are processed without any additional actions or functional buttons being pressed.

The solution works smoothly and has already received a favorable customer assessment.

With the successful use of the solutions offered by "Skaitos Kompiuterių Servisas", it already offers its customers not only a simple, but also a secure way to submit electronic invoices to their partner companies.

Even more, from now on, employees of the company can automatically login to the account of the "Skaitos Kompiuterių Servisas" system, which both them and the company's customers are comfortable to view the status and status of their invoices in the general e-mail system.

We look forward to offering not only automated invoicing delivery systems for suppliers in the future, but also the convenience of contracting companies to automatically import invoices from into their accounting systems.

Skaitos kompiuterių servisas

Skaitos kompiuterių servisas UAB

+370 37 330220

Skaitos kompiuterių servisas

Sistemų integracijos sprendimai UAB

+370 5 240 2250

About us

Skaitos kompiuterių servisas UAB - information technology company, from 1996 active in pharmacy market, supplying creation, installation, monitoring, consulting and evaluation of information systems for subjects in pharmacy market.

SKS constantly co-operate with Lihuanian state authorities for information exchange harmonization, standart maintenance, competent information presentation about medicines market.

SKS co-operate with State Food and Veterinary Service for proper information presentation about food supplements.

Information system SKS Vaistai users - pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, clinics, medicines and medical products wholesalers, Lithuanian medicines manufacturers, representatives, other retailers.

Specialization and long-lived cooperation with pharmacy market members enabled SKS share accumulated experience and knowledge for YOUR proffesional work.


Skaitos kompiuterių servisas UAB

K.Petrausko 19A, Kaunas Lithuania

phone: +370 37 330 220

SKS IT phone: +370 37 323 201